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MBE Electrical Services is an industrial electrical specialist providing a full range of
general electrical and electrical engineering services to industrial clients throughout Christchurch.

Our industrial and electrical engineering experience provides us with the fundamental
tools to service any electrical installation.

MBE Electrical – Electrical and electrical engineering services include:

  • Preventative maintenance

  • 24 hour breakdown service

  • After hours parts access

  • Complex fault finding

  • VSD installation

  • Electrical engineering design

  • Thermal imaging

  • Automation and controls

  • Motor control applications

  • Test and tag

  • Providing long-term solutions for breakdown prevention


MBE Electrical Services provides a fast solution for breakdowns anywhere in Christchurch.

We provide a swift response to any urgent breakdown. We can be on site within half an hour. We quickly repair and get you up and running faster then ever before.

How do we do this? – MBE assigns a team member to an area with a balance of customers with high and low priority needs; allowing them to respond when required.

Our people are trained to listen to your needs and devise a solution that meets, or exceeds, your expectations.

In fault situations we are great at keeping level heads, and we break the fault down to simple components to quickly solve the problem.

We will work with you to develop a critical spares list and investigate the supply chain of these spares, allowing you to assess the risk of supply.

We also have local industrial suppliers that provide us with after hour’s response and have a large range of parts available.